Forums with link juice

In the last few days or so I have been compiling this list of forums that give out lots of link juice.

What is that ?

Any experienced forum poster already knows that one of the benefits of posting in forums is the fact that they allow forum signatures to be attached under each of your posts. The forum signatures can in theory contain links to sites that you choose. But not all forums, forum administrators rather, treat signatures the same. Some limit the number of links you can have in them, some will put a nofollow in them, some will not even let you have a signature ...

Table explanation

Let me just explain a little bit of what each column below mean. Alexa is the Alexa ranking of the the forum in order to judge if the forums has enough visibility. The PR (pagerank) can in turn affect the pagerank your signature links might acquire in the future. Links limit column displays the limit imposed on the number of links you can have in your signature. The next column Active displays if there is a minimum amount of posts needed to be posted before one is allowed to edit their signature links. NF (NoFollow) column means if the links are assigned a "rel=nofollow" in which case no link juice is actually passed (forum owner is not vouching for any of the links of his forum users). RSS feed is a way to get an extra link to your blog in which case in the options of your profile you can provide the RSS feed of your blog and the latest post will always be linked from your every post.

Forum Alexa PR links limit Active NF RSS Feed
Digital point forums 140 6 4 10 NO YES
sitepoint forums 447 7 10 1 1 NO NO
webmaster world 481 8 0 N/A N/A NO
warrior forum 602 5 10 1 1 NO 2 NO
V7n forums 1020 6 2 50 NO YES
SEO Chat forums 1173 5 10 1 30 NO/YES3 NO
web hosting talk forum 1745 6 2 50 NO NO
name pros 1868 5 10 1 1 NO YES
DNForum 2491 5 1 ? 1000/$$ 4 NO NO
Daniweb forums 4907 6 10 1 1 YES NO
webmaster talk forums 5131 6 10 1 1 NO YES
kirupa forum 8480 5 10 1 1 NO  
Web Talk Forums 30829 4 3 1 NO YES
webdigity 43825 5 10 1 1 NO YES
MK Pit Stop, the Computer Webmaster Gaming Console Graphics Forum 144939 4 3 1 NO YES
searchen networks forum 163976 5 4 1 NO NO

1: no real limit on the number of links but limit on number of characters per line usually allows up to 10 links
2: can't choose anchor text
3: first link is normal, rest of links are "NoFollow"ed
4: can actually pay for activation of your signature (not sure about this)?

This list is by no means comprehensive and the stats and details gathered might change over time.

If you have found something that is indeed out of order or you want to add your own/favorite forum in the list please post it in a comment below along with some of the statistics

Happy posting ...



Building backlinks from blogs or forums that are reputed can be extremely helpful especially if they are related to your field or industry. However, you have to remember to first read the forum's policy and adhere to it because your post could be edited or deleted without notice by the forum moderators/administrators if it does not follow the policy. Also sometime they may not allow any links in your posts until they are totally relevant to the topic being discussed. Thank you for sharing!

I also think there should be moderator, who will check the comments and will thereafter publish. Otherwise, for the purpose of online promotion people will keep on spamming and this will surely create a negative impact on your site.