Free link building techniques

Its no secret that backlinks (links pointing to your domain) are very important factor on how google ranks your website in their search results. Most other search engines also value the links to your site also ...

Here is some free techniques you can employ to help you build links to your site, traffic will be a consequence as well. You don't have to follow them in any particular order but, the more of these that you accomplish the better job you will have done ...

  • Write or post something people would want to link to (actually called link baiting).
  • Create a resource, something that people would find valuable and will easily point their friends to
    Example: directorycritic is one of the best places to find free and paid directories; people know that and recommended it boldly, sometimes they even link to it.
  • Exchange links with like minded blogs or sites, relevant exchanges are usually better but for luck of relevant sites any exchange is good enough, you can look in forums for people that are willing to exchange links; usually there is a dedicated section for that.
  • Submit your site to free directories, can use the excellent allsumitter directory submitter to help you with that. If you need lists of free directories to insert in your favorite submitter, you can find great lists at, (many more lists exist on the internet, it could take me a whole post just to list them here).
  • You can write articles and get them posted on article directories (process similar to directory submissions) and usually you can include a few links on the buttom of each article pointing to your relevant sites. Can find article directories in directorycritic website.
  • Post on, create any number of lenses advertising one or all your websites, its very fast and its free try it.
  • Post/vote a few of your great articles/posts/pages to the social bookmarking networks, if they are worth something other people will also vote for them and in the process you will get some extra links, can also ask your friends to check them out and vote for them (Digg, delicious, Stumbleupon, Sphinn, Propeller are some of the networks I usually post).
  • Include your link in your forum signature, look in the list of directories that allow signature links (+other links) where you can start hanging out and enjoy signature link love.
  • If you blog or site has some sort of RSS feed functionality, submit it to RSS feed directories, you should also make available for aggregators that would like to include your content with linkback to the original posts. Here is a list you can start with.
  • Participate in blog discussions: most blogs lately allow you to include a link to your blog when you post a comment, some also will add your link sitewide if you are one of the top posters (like in this very blog), find a blog that you like and post a few comments on the articles that you find interesting ... be careful if your comments are irrelevant or disrespectful or full of links they might be considered spammy and will get erased.

I am probably forgetting some right now but if you read this far you have probably found one that you have not done yet ...

Please share your favorite link building technique, its OK to link to your website if its offering a free link ...



A great post. Started using that Open Site Explorer the other day - nice resource!

You have a very nice list here. I also have found that searching Google for a do follow blog directory to be quite useful. I will try the I think anyway thank you.


A great post. Started using that Open Site Explorer the other day - nice resource!

Good information for SEO's. There are some more things to get free links like by writing rich content search engine friendly articles. Readers will basically link to the post and relieves us from doing manual process of linking.

Your article is good, it has many usefull tips.I consider that link building is the most important process in Seo, but also the hardest. It takes time and patience for your site to grow.

Thanks for the post, I was also looking for the same, But I want to know that how much effective are the links in signature forums for ranking purpose and from irrelevant forums such as having a link to a health website from a forum like digital point.

forum posting and blog commenting is bit slow process , further if you do lot of blog commenting Google will consider it spam as well and penalize you.
I agree with all the above listed approaches for free link building but do not rely on only one but mix your strategy like: some blog commenting,some forum posting , some article submission directories etc. etc.
This way chances are hard to be penalized.
Last but not least avoid excessive link exchanges.

Great post. I was unaware with some of the list building techniques. Thanks for posting.

mote your site using conventional PR, i like to use PRWeb because they are inexpensive, and offer great access to news directories, as well as conventional magazine editors.

A good article on link building. I was also wondering if you could write an updated article taking into consideration the link building techniques one should be using these days. Some of the techniques mentioned are outdated. Write ups on link wheels, web 2.0 sites like hubpages, weebly etc. Btw, a great post to bookmark. Thanks!

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Nice article, but I’m wondering if directories are obsolete now as Google no longer uses them

Is there a way to see how the pages that have been indexed are ranked without having to type it in at Google and then start searching ?

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How many keywords should I use on a page? I want to target as many keywords as possible to
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This is a great post. Thanx for the usefull tips / teqniques. I will try to use some of these options for my own website.

I have found that there can be a problem when creating backlinks and though you have hit on some really good ways to build backlinks. There have been times I used them to build backlinks and with very little creation of traffic from the links.

Wonderful post. Thanks for all the tips. Quality content is perhaps the most important factor for acquiring a favorable online response. I think developing good content is more beneficial than exchanging links.