Can bad links hurt your google rankings ?

Have started doing significant SEO work lately (after long period of working exclusively on development) and got a chance to experiment with link building techniques and in particular profile links.  Mind you I do all the experimenting on non customer sites before I decide its worth the trouble and the risk.  I usually use my own domains that don't bring in any significant amount of money or use friend's sites after I explain the risks to them.  In this particular experiment I have used a friend's site.

Social Media Marketing tips

social mediaThere is a lot of buzz in 2008 around Social Media Marketing; a lot more than there was in 2007. Lots of organizations and individuals are experimenting on the possibilities of social media and networking sites as a means to drive traffic to their sites.

There is no secret ingredient !!!

Social media and their on-line participants behave mostly like communities and their members behave off-line; but many people still fail to see it.

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