UTF8 ready php mail function

I have been struggling for some time now to create a php mail function that can handle UTF8 characters across most email readers. I think I have finally accomplished this and it might be useful to others so here it is.

The problem with the php mail is that it does not encode the names and subjects and they could get lost in the transport or be misinterpreted from the email readers. This function actually does the proper encoding and overcomes the php mail deficiency.

nice URLs made easy

I was looking for a simple solution these days to implement nice urls. I searched and found lots of tutorials on this but none of them where simple enough for what I wanted to implement: the simplest nice URLs possible, so I started from scratch and with guide the official mod_rewrite reference and with lots of trial and error I came up with the following solution.

Prerequisites: access to the .htaccess file, mod_rewrite enabled and php supported on your server.

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