Photoshop for Webmasters

Everybody's heard of Photoshop; it's the world's gold standard when it comes to image editing software. Part of this is due to its age, and part to its capability. The web is a graphical medium, so it makes sense for people who run web sites to have a basic understanding of Photoshop.

There are two "standard" complaints about the application: it has a steep learning curve ( in part because it's so powerful - there are simply "too many" options for new users, who tend to feel overwhelmed ) and its price. In US Dollars, Photoshop CS 3 is $650, while the extended version goes for $1,000. This is mainly of use to people who need to manipulate images in 3D space, or movies on a frame-by-frame basis.

Photoshop Without Photoshop

Because of the high cost, we should start by looking at some alternatives to Photoshop. These run the gamut from open source freeware to closed source commercial applications - the competition - and, ironically, trimmed down versions of Photoshop itself. For the web designer on a budget, some other software to consider is:

nice URLs made easy

I was looking for a simple solution these days to implement nice urls. I searched and found lots of tutorials on this but none of them where simple enough for what I wanted to implement: the simplest nice URLs possible, so I started from scratch and with guide the official mod_rewrite reference and with lots of trial and error I came up with the following solution.

Prerequisites: access to the .htaccess file, mod_rewrite enabled and php supported on your server.

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